Zeco PRO 3


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The ZECO® Pro 3 unit is your oil management solution for mobile oil filtration and transport. 3-In-1 modular design allows you to clean your fryers, filter your oil and safely transport expired oil all while reducing your oil consumption by up to 50% or more. The ZECO® Pro 3 unit is A/C-D/C Power Design or Battery Cordless Operation. A washable 300 micron stainless steel filter basket captures large debris, while a unique pad pan filtration system captures debris as small as 5 microns. It’s modular design also allows the Zeco Pro-3 to ntegrate with other Bulk oil systems. Standard Limited Lifetime warranty.

  • Patented Positive Seal Technology
  • Modular Design allows the Zeco Pro 3 to integrate with other Bulk Oil Systems
  • Triple Onboard Filtration captures food particles as small as 0.50 microns.
  • Standard filter back flush
  • Locking sealed tank to transport used oil
  • 100 + Filter combinations to fit any menu.
  • Upgradeable
  • Total off the grid Solar charging option.
  • Unique wand design to wash out food particles .
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


US Patent 9468338